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Technology Systems Overview

Historically, a variety of services have been offered through telecommunications and data processing consultants, vendors, and/or engineering firms.  As user requirements have increased in complexity, they have found that these fragmented approaches are no longer successful.  While the principles of effective systems management are not new, the integration of an array of technology systems has increasingly become a complex task for any single organization to manage and control in a cost effective manner.  ISDG is strategically positioned to assist our clients in making fast and accurate decisions which result in efficient project management and implementation.

Central to our core offerings are the identification, design, selection and implementation of technology solutions. We thoroughly analyze business applications, costs, risks and benefits when recommending technology systems. A typical project would include a needs assessment, competitive procurement (RFP) and system implementation management. Additionally, we provide strategic guidance through the creation of technology master plans for our clients.  Some of the technology solutions we address include:


Strategic Technology Systems Planning and Design

Infrastructure and Facilities Assessments

Infrastructure is the medium that "connects" users with voice and data systems and applications.

ISDG, Inc. supports clients with assessment, design, procurement and implementation of:

Communications Cabling Systems  Conduits and Pathways

Computer/Server Rooms and Data Centers  Specialized Technology Rooms

Data Communications

The proliferation of the Internet and e-commerce as well as the increased acceptance of Voice over IP has made data communications an operational priority within many organizations. ISDG, Inc. helps clients plan data communications strategies based on both current needs and future considerations in a variety of data offerings including:

Local Area Network (LAN)  Wide Area Network (WAN)

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)  Internet Access

Server Room/Data Center Design


Telecommunications Systems

The telecommunications system is most frequently the primary means by which an organization communicates with its stakeholders and is paramount to managing brand image and reputation.  ISDG, Inc.s consultants have expertise across a broad range of telecommunications systems including:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)  Voice Messaging

Voice over IP (VoIP)  Carrier Services


Call/Contact Centers Solutions

The call center is the front door to many businesses and may be the only "live" contact a customer has with an organization. Advanced tools can help maximize a customer's positive call/contact center experience. ISDG, Inc. assists client organizations with the design, selection and implementation of:

  Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)  Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and CCTV

As the numbers of security incidents continues to rise, physical security solutions are getting more and more attention because of their ability to detect and stop incidents before they begin.

Physical security can include detecting, monitoring and viewing the campus or facility as well help control access to the entire facility or specified areas.

  Physical Monitoring

  Intrusion Detection

  Specialized Monitoring Centers


Audio-Visual/Multi Media and Video Teleconferencing and Training Systems

ISDG can help provide customized services for videoconferencing, presentations, board rooms, large auditorium and conference centers as well as other areas where multi-media and audio-visual systems can be used

Audio-Visual systems can range form low cost to high end systems that include everything from media projectors, wireless and fixed mic. mixing systems, automated equipment and room control.  Systems can also be designed for portable multi use applications such as in a school facility.


CATV: Local Origination and Distribution

Cable Television systems are intended to deliver broadcast signals to areas where it is normally unable to receive off-air signals with an antenna due to terrain or distance from the transmitter.  These signals are carried using Coaxial Cables.  Cable Television systems also allow the local distribution of on site programming for the clients own use.

  Main Television Centers and Head End Rooms

Specialized CATV Distribution Rooms


Project Management: Planning and Construction Support

Design. Planning. Procurement. Implementation. Each is an art unto itself in the complex process of integrating technology solutions into the workplace. Because ISDG, Inc. consultants are facile across the board, we can manage the entire process or provide a la carte services.


Relocation Services


CADD Services and Support


Specialty Technology Systems:

    Library Systems Planning

    Centralized Energy Management Systems

    Contingency Assessment and Disaster Recovery Planning